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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Kensington Park Road, Ladbroke Grove

I'm sitting outside of this "now" trendy cafe "kitchen & Pantry" and thinking about the time when my daughter was born, I was lucky enough to live just up the road back then.
This cafe was a shabby toy shop for a long time and I've bought my daughter's first toy from there...
And watching the shop across the road and thinking it was a shabby laundrette !
I used to go to this gallery called the photographer's place or long ago I can't remember the name any more just a few shop away from here.
I remember I was carrying my very young baby on my babycarrier and went to the photogragh exhibition of BOB MARLEY playing football and smoking big joints.
It was a part of "portobello art festival".
I really miss those times.
I came to london in late 80s and since then I've lived Ladbroke Grove area a lot...around Portobello market was like Amsterdam in London.
I always loved Portobello market, and back then it was somehow more free and open minded hippy like attitude and bohemian air around you can find nice shops's not the same, more commercial and not so much of the spirit.
But still I love this area like second birth place in London,
all my life in London started from there.


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